Trenton, Will We Turn the Corner with Recall or Drive Over the Cliff with Tony Mack?

This weekend will be a defining point in Trenton’s future. Will enough registered voters sign the petition to RECALL Mayor Tony Mack and take our city off the nightmare trip we’ve been on since July 1, 2010? Or will we continue on this trip to disaster with a mayor who has proven his inability to lead from day one of his inept and embarrassing administration?
Mayor Tony Mack has proven he and his top administrators have little regard for finding and hiring qualified staff, adhering to city and civil service regulations and policies, contractual obligations and laws. In short, he is driving our city off a cliff with poor decisions, hiring practices and improper business practices. His reckless driving is positioning us to suffer losses of federal and state funding, resulting in more cuts in needed services and staff. Closed libraries and museums, police layoffs, embarrassing personnel blunders and questionable finiancial practices are just a few of the missteps of this administration.
So, will Trenton turn the corner to a better future? Will we send a message to the world that we are capable of righting a terrible mistake by recalling this mayor and replacing him with someone who has the business sense, leadership skills and vision to take us in the direction we need to go? Will we do what’s necessary to change our city’s image from being the brunt of late night talk show  jokes?  Trenton residents should be proud of our history and of the many accoomplishments of former and current citizens.  We deserve better. We can do better.  This bad trip must come to an end.   We can succeed in changing the course of our city if citizens take advantage of this opportunity to change the course by signing the RECALL Petition today or tomorrow. The deadline is here. Visit the Trenton Recall Office at 830 Lalor St., Trenton or call (609) 614-0668 and ask for a petition to be brought to you.


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